Yamaha rbx375 string spacing for 3

Not Specified. Had no idea the nut was so narrow on the OPs' Vintage, Originally Posted by LesStrat. And you don't have to deal with an ugly instrument with a big neck. More refinements More refinements

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  • Anyone know the string spacing on the Yamaha RBX? Aug 10, #3 Shouldn't the RBX JM be narrower than the RBX ? Aug › Yamaha › RBX › Research › search=yamah. Our system has returned the following pages from the Yamaha RBX data we adjustment Saddle 4-string bass - 1st 2nd 3rd 4th - 6-string bass 1st 2nd to.
    Ah well.

    Edge of string to edge of string? Re: Bass dilemma Interestingly enough, I have a 5 string that I've had for years and I love it Musicman Stingray in sunburst and it plays beautifully, but I find myself wishing I had just gotten a 4 string version.

    Yamaha RBX String Spacing

    But I would describe the string spacing as rather tight and 'jazz like' - certainly at the neck end. The squire vm p5 is great too, about 18mm spacing and I only paid for mine as well. If the latter, which string do you measure, as it would be different. I really want one.

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    It is at both ends that I find it too narrow to be honest. Display as a link instead. I've recently taken a Vintage V96 5 in a trade and lovely though it is, the string spacing feels a little tight for me.

    Yamaha 5-String Bass Guitar Bass guitars are musical instruments that play in lower pitches than standard guitars. Also they go quite cheap on the 2nd hand market.

    I have a Yamaha RBX (5 String), and its not hard to slap on it at all.

    5 string spacing, who has the smallest, who has the greatest [Archive] Sputnik Music Forums

    I believe the string spacing on a Warwick 5 string is mm. from a 4 string onto a 6. the strings are so much closer that you end up hitting 3 at once. › Gear › Bass Guitars. I'm reading string spacing as issue not the nut width. Quote Yamaha BB / or Yamaha RBX would get my vote. Quote.
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    Budget 5 with Wide String Spacing Bass Guitars Basschat

    Also, most warwick 5ers come in both wide and narrow spacing. Please provide a valid price range. Last edited by Funkfingers; at PM. Budget 5 with Wide String Spacing??? More refinements More refinements The wider spacing on my BTB is far more comfortable, for me.

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    But your are right, great basses! Yamaha BB or Re: Bass dilemma If I just wanted the extra five semitones, my Chapman Stick operates in that register.

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    Re: Bass dilemma. Condition see all. All Listings.

    As far as spacing goes for 5 string basses certain company's make wide I know Kensmith basses have 4 string spacing on thier 5 strings but it would take me years to pay one of yamaha has big string spacing on their fives. Well you got the rbx or rbx which are the higher end rbx models. 3) Sell one of your expensive four string basses to help fund its nearest five Ironically, by keeping to traditional Fender Jazz Bass string spacing, the.

    String Spacing on Yamaha RBX

    Yamaha RBX, Seymourised with ASB Active Phase II soapbar. Hey guys, i'm out looking for a 5 string bass guitar that has a narrow string spacing. let me just add that i am using a yamaha rbx currently and i dont. the 3, and i can't imagine a bass with a narrower string spacing than.
    All are welcome, from seasoned pros to absolute beginners. The frets determine where each note falls on the neck. Yamaha Bass Guitars. I found the Ibanez spacing far too narrow and the Fender spacing far too wide.

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    If I ever were to move to a 6 string bass read: never I'd definitely be looking for one of theirs. Sign In Sign Up.

    Guitarchat user? Authorized Seller. Solidbody: These electric bass guitar bodies can be made from solid pieces of alder, maple, swamp ash, mahogany, or other types of wood that accurately transfer vibrations. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3.

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    Forum The Guitar Shop Bass dilemma. Digital Point modules: Sphinx-based search. Do Jazz basses have smaller spacing because of the smaller neck??

    images yamaha rbx375 string spacing for 3