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  • List of computer science publications by Stefanos Kaxiras. dblp statistics.

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    Josep Silva, Stefanos Kaxiras, Peter W. O'Hearn, Kai-Min Chung​, Samir Tohmé, Mehul Bhatt, Jacky Baltes, Tad Hogg, Minsoo.

    DOI: / · Source: DBLP · Cite this publication. Stefanos Kaxiras. We present a. Shiliang Hu · Joseph Devietti.

    dblp Stefanos Kaxiras

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    images stefanos kaxiras dblp shiliang

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    @inproceedings{DBLP:conf/pldi/PanchekhaGETK18. author = {Pavel Panchekha . Stefanos Kaxiras}. title = {SWOOP: Shiliang Hu and. Gilles Pokam and. Available: #LorchMPRS R. Ostrovsky, Efficient computation on oblivious RAMs.

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    dblp statistics. Martin Theobald, Rajesh M. Hegde, Stefanos Kaxiras, Kavé Salamatian, Wolfgang Wörndl, Bruno Volckaert, Miodrag Bolic, Gianluca Mazzini,​.
    Kiyokuni Kawachiya and.

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    short URL: Stefanos Kaxiras, Alberto Ros: A new perspective for efficient virtual-cache coherence.

    view. Zhang, Dan-Wei; Tang, Ling-Zhi; Lang, Li-Jun; Yan, Hui; Zhu, Shi-Liang . Constantin; Schürhoff, Daniel; Mavros, Stefanos; Sallermann, Moritz; Kiselev, Nikolai S.; Jónsson, Hannes; Blügel, Stefan Integration of Japanese Papers Into the DBLP Data Set Chen, Hua; Zhu, Wenguang; Kaxiras, Efthimios; Zhang, Zhenyu. Plastikos abastos slp.

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