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images nisource benefits committee charter

The terms and conditions of each loan shall be determined by mutual agreement between the Plan Administrator and the Participant. NiSource Inc. In order to benefit Plan Participants by establishing a uniform application of law with respect to the administration of the Plan, the provisions of this Section shall apply. If such final determination is adverse to such Claimant, it shall be binding and conclusive unless the applicant notifies the Committee within 90 days after the mailing or delivery to him by the Committee of its determination that he intends to institute legal proceedings challenging the determination of the Committee, and actually institutes such legal proceeding within days after such mailing or delivery. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Plan or the Trust, no Employer nor member of the Committee, nor an individual acting as an employee or agent of any of them, shall be liable to any Participant or former Participant, or any Beneficiary or Spouse of any Participant or former Participant, for any claim, loss, liability, or expense incurred in connection with the Plan or the Trust, except when the same shall have been judicially determined to be due to the willful misconduct of such person. Required Aggregation Group. Payments of principal and interest on a loan to any such Participant shall be made through direct debit from his bank account in accordance with the electronic loan payment procedures established by the Plan Administrator. For purposes of this Article, the following definitions shall apply:. Any Participant in the Plan or any Beneficiary may examine copies of the Plan, the Trust, the Plan description, the latest annual report, any bargaining agreement, contract or any other instrument under which the Plan was established or is operated.

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  • Our corporate governance guidelines and diverse, experienced board of directors reinforce our . Environmental, Health and Safety Committee Charter. The Compensation and Benefits Committee (“Committee”) will be comprised All members of the Committee must satisfy the independence requirements of the​.

    images nisource benefits committee charter

    The Search Committee met twice during reference to the entire charter for each of the Audit, Compensation, any provision of any of our benefit or compensation plans.
    Claims for benefits under the Plan shall be made in writing to the Committee or its delegate.

    Considerations by Specific Group. Distribution of Excess Deferrals. In the event of a conflict between a heading and the content of a section, the content of the section shall control. The assets so invested shall be subject to all the provisions of the instruments establishing such funds as they may be amended from time to time, and which are hereby incorporated by reference.

    NIFL Participants.

    images nisource benefits committee charter
    For any Plan Year for which the Plan is Top Heavy, as determined in accordance with this Article XI, any Participant who severs from the employment of all Employers and all Affiliates shall have, as of the date thereof, a vested right to his entire Account Balance.

    Compensation Limit. Employ agents to carry out nonfiduciary responsibilities. An election to recommence contributions shall be effective for the first payroll period in which it is administratively feasible to begin deferral withholdings. The Trustee shall not increase the amount of the Employer contribution returnable under this Section for any earnings attributable to the contribution, but the Trustee shall decrease the Employer contribution returnable for any losses attributable to it.

    The common stock shares of NiSource Inc. A Participant shall not be allowed to withdraw all prior investment instructions unless simultaneous therewith he delivers new investment instructions.

    Talent Management (Executive Compensation and Benefits, and prior year, any committee charter changes and any suggestions from the.

    I. PURPOSE. The Compensation and Benefits Committee (the “Committee”) is responsible for The Committee shall be comprised of three or more directors. "Committee'means the l{iSource Benefits Committee.

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    . The Committee, The pou/ers of the Committee are set forth below and in the charter that created.
    Upon its receipt of the directions, the Trustee shall vote the shares of Company Stock as directed by the Participant. Determination of Income or Loss. Exempt Employee. Required Aggregation Group. The date the Participant dies, becomes disabled, or otherwise terminates Service employment with the Employer.

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    Limitation Year.

    images nisource benefits committee charter
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    If such final determination is favorable to the Claimant, it shall be binding and conclusive.

    Notwithstanding any other provisions of the Plan, assets of the Trust may be invested in any collective investment fund or funds, including common and group trust funds presently in existence or hereafter established.

    Required Beginning Date. An Employer adopting the Plan shall compile and submit all information required by the Trustee with reference to its Eligible Employees.

    Each Participant shall, in accordance with procedures established by the Plan Administrator and the Trustee, direct that his Account and contributions thereto be invested and reinvested in any one or more of the Investment Funds.

    A Participant receiving such differential wage payment shall be treated as an Employee of the Employer making the payment.

    "Committeso means tbe NiSource Benefits Committee. *Compan_y". The powers of the Committee are set tbrth below and in the charter that created. (Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter) .

    NiSource's goal is to develop strategies that benefit all stakeholders as it addresses changing policy of the Board has been to declare cash dividends on a quarterly. The Board met five times during The charter for the Audit Committee. evaluation, compensation and benefits of the Company's executives.
    Only individuals who are paid as employees from an Employer payroll and treated by an Employer at all times as Employees shall be deemed Employees for purposes of the Plan.

    An Eligible Employee that is subject to one of the collective bargaining agreements set forth below shall be considered a Bay State Union Employee. Excess Aggregate Contributions attributable to each Highly Compensated Eligible Employee shall be determined according to the following leveling method:.

    The Company shall provide the Trustee with a copy of any material provided to the Participants and shall certify to the Trustee that the materials have been mailed or otherwise sent to Participants. The Required Aggregation Group includes any plan of the Employer which was maintained within the last five years ending on the Determination Date on which a top heaviness determination is being made if such plan would otherwise be part of the Required Aggregation Group for the Plan Year but for the fact it has been terminated.

    Changing Designations. Term of Loan.

    images nisource benefits committee charter
    The Plan Administrator will establish nondiscriminatory policies and procedures to administer Participant loans.

    If, after the application of paragraphs iii and iiian Excess Amount still exists, the Excess Amount in the Suspense Account shall be used to reduce Matching Contributions for such Participant in the next Limitation Year, and each succeeding Limitation Year, if necessary. The Company shall provide the Trustee with a copy of any materials provided to the Participants and shall certify to the Trustee that the materials have been mailed or otherwise sent to Participants.

    Directions received from Participants shall be held in confidence by the Trustee and shall not be divulged to the Company or any officer or employee thereof or any other person. With the care, skill, prudence and diligence under the circumstances then prevailing that a prudent man acting in like capacity and familiar with such matters would use in the conduct of an enterprise of like character and with like aims.

    images nisource benefits committee charter