Minidisc jewel case uke

images minidisc jewel case uke

Highest-rated products. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Please provide a valid price range. Display options. Quality standardized clear jewel cases with black tray.

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    The MiniDisc format was developed and launched by Sony in and the our sister site: The old-style MiniDisc album cases are no longer produced, however we do have new custom clear MiniDisc jewel cases into which we can insert in the case; Competitive pricing that includes UK delivery (international delivery available).

    cm Slim Jewel. Fed up of having to use standard sized disc cases for your 8cm discs?.

    Cases (suitable for any 8cm DVD, CD.).
    The claw releases the CD when the cover is opened and locks it again by closing the cover. This section needs additional citations for verification. Slimline Dvd Cases. Items in search results.

    New blank MiniDiscs and cases Retro Style Media

    Coloured Cd Sleeves.

    images minidisc jewel case uke
    Minidisc jewel case uke
    A keep case is the most common type of DVD packaging and was created by Amaray. Jewel case insert have a precise fit. Variations include where the discs sit on a hub or spindle inside and can come in various sizes.

    Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. While used in a somewhat limited capacity in the west, where the jewel case remains the most popular form of CD packaging, mini LP sleeves are popular for reissues of older albums in Japan, with their typically high level of faithfulness to the original vinyl record packaging making them highly sought-after among collectors.

    Storage replacement case made of high-clarity, transparent plastic for an MD.

    Incidentally ordering a CD from Canada or the USA can take up to 3 weeks. Find great deals on eBay for minidisc jewel case.

    All MiniDiscs 60, 80min, Data and HiMD

    Shop with confidence. The Cure Cut Here One track promo in jewel case UK CD Single. EUR ; + EUR.

    images minidisc jewel case uke

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    Blank media | Mini DV Tapes | Camcorder Tapes.
    Item Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 7 inches All of these discs are brand new and in their original packaging and wraps. Slimline jewel cases first gained popularity as cases for CD singles sold in Japan and Europe, and have become a common space-saving packaging for burned CDs. Mini LP sleeves can either appear as single sleeves or gatefoldsidentically to full-sized LP jackets, with both variants being used for a number of music releases.

    It is also often used in software packages, where the box is labeled promotionally, but the disc comes in a paper sleeve to cut costs.

    Best Disc Jewel Cases Buying Guide GistGear

    Some of the features to consider besides the price are: Manufacturer: Certain manufacturers go the extra mile of customising the wallets to meet your needs. Type see all.

    images minidisc jewel case uke
    Minidisc jewel case uke
    Additionally, larger jewel cases that were around the size of VHS keep cases were used for North American releases of games for the Sega CDall North American releases of Sega Saturn games, and games released early in the original PlayStation 's life cycle.

    Our telephone numbers and emails will remain the same. For these reasons, mini LP releases— particularly Japanese ones— typically feature the CD enclosed in a protective sleeve made from matted plastic or rice paper.

    images minidisc jewel case uke

    They have the same dimensions as a standard jewel case, and use standard booklets and back cards. However, if large quantities of cases are needed, the price difference may be hundreds or thousands of US dollars.