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An over-voltage detector is also provided that is supplied the generator output to detect excessive voltage the condition of which is supplied to the microcontroller Depending on the type of tissue, the end point has been found to be ideal at about 40 degrees blood vessels or 60 degrees intestinesrespectively. The RF output is always switched off before relays are switched to prevent damage to the relay contacts. In one embodiment, the controller periodically interrupts the supply of electrosurgical energy to assess the status of the fusion or welding process by applying a low-voltage measurement signal. At this time, the impedance of the artery is purely ohmic with a value of about Ohms. The controller manages its power demand around the power characteristics of the specific batteries used. Determining a treatment endpoint condition comprises determining a treatment endpoint condition using the measurement signal. For tissue measurement techniques that rely on the phase shift of voltage and current, the presence of the tool significantly alters the results of the intended tissue measurement by the apparent phase. It should be noted that however that specific frequency of the tissue properties measurement is performed can be the same or different from the specific frequency of the phase If the tissue measurement is based on the driving frequency of the generator, and various generators are used all of which run in a close range of frequencies though, the end points will be different. Thus, medical practitioners such as surgeons have long sought surgical tools and methods that slow or reduce bleeding during surgical procedures.

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    images matt dial applied medical

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    The controller can be incorporated in or attached to the generator with the tool attached to the controller.

    Applying a large amount of current to a small vessel may cause excess tissue damage, while using a small amount of current will take an unacceptably long time to perform the fusion function.

    The low-voltage 5 MHz signal is superimposed to the output of the generator, which is typically in the to V range at frequencies of to kHz. With RF active, dual closures shall cause an alarm and RF shall be terminated. In one embodiment, the controller has a specific or predetermined fixed tool script for a specific input receptacle.


    The artery is not fully desiccated, and thus the seal is not complete. The method comprises generating a measurement signal, determining a treatment endpoint condition, and stopping delivery of a treatment signal.

    images matt dial applied medical
    The electrical power port can be configured to power a surgical accessory, such as a respirator, pump, light, or another surgical accessory.

    The controller provides feedback control and preprogrammed settings for the various attachable generators.

    For example, thermal tissue damage and necrosis can occur in instances where electrical energy is delivered for a relatively long duration or where a relatively high-powered electrical signal is delivered even for a short duration. As a result, a measurement of the dielectric properties of the tissue and b control and feedback of the phase difference allows for a precise control and feedback mechanism for various tissue types, regardless of the tissue size and allows employing standard electrosurgical power supplies which individually run in a very close range of frequencies.

    Verifying the phase shift prevents an attempt to re-fuse already fused tissue.

    Akasaka, Shigeo, to Nippon Kogaku K.K.

    images matt dial applied medical

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    This is shown in FIG.

    For example, in some embodiments, the tissue selector 50 can include a jaw-based grasper, and the actuator can comprise an actuation mechanism to selectively move the grasper from an open position to a closed position. The shaft having a proximal end and a distal end defining a central longitudinal axis therebetween. In the case of the phase controller, the device makes the output sine wave with a precise crystal controlled clock. As can be seen, the phase shift quickly increases during the initial fusion process, but then increases slowly for the remainder of the seal.

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    After about ms, the controller disconnects the tissue from the generator and switches back to the first tissue assessment phase. In some embodiments, the phase discriminator 22 can be electrically coupled to the tissue identifier

    images matt dial applied medical
    Matt dial applied medical
    There is also a need for an electrosurgical system that monitors tissue properties during the electrosurgical procedure to assess the energy application endpoint.

    A fourth section can display information regarding a second radiofrequency electrosurgical tool with separate visual indicators or bar graphs, for each type of surgical operation that can be performed for that tool. Upon activation of a switch coupled to the tool, the controller detects the switch closure, and authenticates the tool, checks the tool's expiration status, and initializes internal data structures representing the receptacle's tool. The tissue will exhibit a pronounced capacitive behavior at the end of the fusion process with a phase shift of about 40 degrees, even though the ohmic component will remain nearly unchanged during this phase.

    In some embodiments, the slots can be curvilinear. A programming port in one embodiment is used to download code to the generator and is used to upload operational data. The second relay limits the current surge, which can damage the relay and create an electromagnetic interference EMI pulse that can disrupt the low-voltage circuitry.