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Very low but significant genetic differentiation was found between several northern elephant seal colonies. Northern elephant seal population growth. Find articles by John Carlos Garza. Expedition to Guadalupe Island, Mexico—general report. The allele frequencies also contain information about pre-bottleneck population size. At other loci, variation was continuous e. In the last half century, however, the population has grown in a roughly density-independent manner Figure 1with a concurrent expansion of its geographic range to occupy most of its former habitat. This low variability has hampered previous attempts to use genetic markers to study northern elephant seal biology Lehman et al. Here, we present a comprehensive evaluation of genetic variation in the species.

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  • Molecular Population Genetics of the Northern Elephant Seal Mirounga angustirostris

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    Diario de la marina.

    Diario de la marina

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    images diario oficial pag 14850

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    Half of the ligated product was then used to transform competent cells by heat shock. In an outbred population, which has maintained a large size, many alleles are maintained at microsatellite loci.

    Bonnell and Selander examined 24 allozyme loci in seals from sites which encompassed much of the geographic range of the species, and found no variation.

    The 2 larger alleles are separated by both a length change and a base substitution. Global population structure and demographic history of the grey seal. Sunderland MA : Sinauer Associates.

    images diario oficial pag 14850
    Diario oficial pag 14850
    Supplementary Material Supplementary data is available at Journal of Heredity online.

    We thank L. Schramm, M. Allele frequency distributions of the 21 variable microsatellite loci, coupled with what we know about microsatellite mutation, also indicate that much of the variation present today survived the bottleneck. Complex mutational histories of microsatellite alleles in the northern elephant seal. Second, it faces inbreeding and consequent inbreeding depression, which can have major effects on fitness of natural populations Conrad et al.

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    Molecular Population Genetics of the Northern Elephant Seal Mirounga angustirostris

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    Anim Conser. In: Hochberg FG, editor.

    images diario oficial pag 14850

    LeBoeuf and Bonnell estimated the total population size of the northern elephant seal at in and Lowry et al. We compared the levels of genetic variability in the northern elephant seal with those in other pinniped species using data from the literature Coltman et al.

    Dinucleotide microsatellite markers from the Antarctic seals and their use in other Pinnipeds.

    Regardless of its origin, it is unlikely the observed genetic differentiation is biologically significant and associated with any adaptive differences Hedrick

    images diario oficial pag 14850
    The interpretation of population structure by F-Statistics with special regard to systems of mating.

    Population size estimates from: g Lowry et al. Hum Mol Genet. Slatkin, K02 MH to N.

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    The California Channel Islands were the first breeding colony established in the United States, with breeding first observed at the beginning of the s. They were also able to directly demonstrate the reduction in genetic variation through analysis of pre-bottleneck museum specimens and archaeological remains and Hoelzel et al.

    Half of the ligated product was then used to transform competent cells by heat shock.

    images diario oficial pag 14850