Boolean chart bugzilla api

images boolean chart bugzilla api

The header is now correctly parsed. Attachments: When you click on an "attachment " link in a comment, if the attachment is a patch, you will now see the formatted "Diff" view instead of the raw patch. Older components, versions and milestones can now be disabled. There is now a --reset-password argument to checksetup. Searches: It is now possible to hide the description of queries appearing at the top of buglists. Searches: When viewing a search result, you can now click on the Summary of the bug in order to go to the bug-view page, in addition to being able to click on the bug ID. A Note on Plurality: some fields on the Bug object whose values are arrays are linguistically plural, but search only applies to a single instance. Custom Fields: "Bug ID" custom fields can now represent relationships between bugs, similarly to how the Blocks and Depends on fields work now.

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  • This specific REST API, generally referred to as "BzAPI", is DEPRECATED.

    The Bugzilla "boolean charts" mechanism is the way to construct more complex. This part of the Bugzilla API allows you to list the available Products and get boolean Indicates whether the UNCONFIRMED bug status is available for this boolean True if you want series for New Charts to be created for this new product.

    Using the "And," "Or," and "Add Another Boolean Chart" buttons, additional terms can be included in the query, further altering the list of bugs returned by the.
    Email Notifications: All bugmails now have a X-Bugzilla-Flags email header, listing currently set flags.

    If you are using database replication with Bugzilla, many more scripts now take advantage of the read-only slave the "shadowdb". It works just like sanitycheck. Bug It was possible to search on history for comments and attachments you cannot see though these private comments and attachments are never disclosed. The default list of values for the Priority field are now clear English words instead of P1, P2, etc. Bug Some flag mails didn't specify who the requestee was.

    Bugzilla Release Notes

    Flags: On the "My Requests" page, bugs that are restricted to certain groups now properly have the "padlock" icon shown next to them to indicate that they may contain confidential information.

    images boolean chart bugzilla api
    Boolean chart bugzilla api
    New Attachment Details UI The UI used for editing attachment details has been completely redesigned, allowing for a normally-size comment box to be used when commenting on attachments, and allowing nearly the entire screen width to be used when doing code reviews or editing an attachment as a comment.

    Complex queries are easier to build and have more sensible results, as they are built using a more intuitive logic. Bug Oracle crashed when reporting a new bug if a custom free-text field was non-mandatory and left empty.

    It is not possible to do a search which looks for an exact creation time, using a single parameter. Previous versions of Bugzilla did not send emails to users about this change. Bug On Windows, install-module.

    This part of the Bugzilla API allows you to list the available products and get. create_series, boolean, true if you want series for New Charts to be created for.

    The terms within a single row of a boolean chart are all constraints on a .


    API keys allow you to give a “token” to some external software so it. Can't get 'bar' or 'pie' chart to work. Switch from BzAPI to the Bugzilla native REST API " Bad Request" when using boolean charts style field names.
    Already on GitHub? If performance isn't that critical on your installation, you don't have the memory, or you are running some other web server than Apache, Bugzilla still runs perfectly as a normal CGI application, as well.

    Note that use of SQLite is only recommended for small installations. When displaying search results, Bugzilla will now show a brief description of what you searched for, at the top of the bug list. When creating a drop-down or multiple-selection custom field, you can now specify that another field "controls the values" of this field.

    When calling Bugzilla::BugMail::Sendthe "changer" argument must now be a Bugzilla::User object, not just a login name.

    images boolean chart bugzilla api

    images boolean chart bugzilla api
    Boolean chart bugzilla api
    Administrators can now specify that users who are in certain groups should have an icon appear next to their name whenever they comment.

    Previously, the author of a comment couldn't see it anymore if the comment was marked private and the author isn't in the insider group. This is a comma-separated list of Bugzilla users who will get all bug notifications generated by Bugzilla.

    In this version of Bugzilla, the Summary field is now limited to characters. In addition, the following important fixes have been made in the release: The Bug. Bug Eliminate the "uninitialized value" warnings that would happen when editing a product's components.

    This release fixes one regression introduced in Bugzilla by security bug The WebService method now also returns a token argument .

    Searches: The requester and requestee fields in boolean charts now accept pronouns. See the Bugzilla::WebService documentation for details. New Method: You can now search the boolean charts on whether or not a comment is private. Fixing a regression caused by bugJSON-RPC API calls could crash .

    Products — Bugzilla + documentation

    Searches: The changed by operator in boolean charts now accepts pronouns.
    Bugzilla now supports Perl 5. Bug See also the Security Advisory section for information about a security issue fixed in this release. MediaWiki backwards compatibility 26 opened Apr 4, by reedy. This release fixes one security issue that is critical for installations running 3.

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    In a future version of Bugzilla, the Voting extension will be moved outside of the Bugzilla core code, so we are looking for somebody who has an interest in the Voting system and would like to maintain it as a separate extension. Flags: Changing the requestee of a flag no longer changes the requester.

    images boolean chart bugzilla api
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    To fix this potential problem, the Details page always displays the HTML source instead and users can see rendered page by clicking on View.

    Welcome Page for New Installs When you log in for the first time on a brand-new Bugzilla installation, you will be presented with a page that describes where you should go from here, and what parameters you should set.

    Bug PostgreSQL databases could be created with the wrong encoding despite the utf8 parameter being enabled.

    images boolean chart bugzilla api

    In all other cases, Bugzilla still trusts what the browser tells him. Release notes for versions of Bugzilla of the 4. Searches: When using the Boolean Charts now called "Custom Search"if you specify both a criterion for an attachment and a criteron for a flag, then only bugs that have attachments with that flag will be found.