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images ben barnes fan fiction

She was very happy when you gave her number of pets. So here - I hope you all enjoy! You looked at him nodding once. B loody numpties. Not a One Time Thing. Wind gave you a lot of air to breathe, even though some of it made you cough, but inside, in the middle of people, it was harder. If I was going to accept this, I was going to make it memorable. He exhaled, letting his breath hit my head and blow my equally wild hair around.

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  • This is my first ever fanfic request. Thank you so much @padfootagain for requesting this and of course, sorry that it took ages for me to publish this snippet on. "Though it was probably the alcohol in her system, she could swear his eyes reflected the night sky.​ He leaned toward her gently, his hand moving to tilt her chin.​ ××× This fanfic is dedicated to my favorite Ben Barnes loving weirdo, @charlotterose33 ♡ I hope you enjoy! Summer falls in love with her best friend Ben Barnes.

    But she doesn't know how to tell him.

    They've been best friends forever and she doesn't want to ruin thei.
    Almost everyday they danced to the songs on the radio. Before you knew it, your hands had worked through despite your maze of thoughts and the wound that had been angry and blooming was now neatly sutured, red still staining the surrounding scarred skin; with care you ripped the case in two, drenching the first in the alcohol and laying it atop of the wound, then encasing the whole thing in the dry fabric, securing it to his skin with the gaffa tape that would surely sting when he had to take it off later.

    images ben barnes fan fiction

    You felt good. Can we just do it? It was morning and we had absolutely nothing to do today. Going by your gym he did not go inside but he stood across the street.

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    images ben barnes fan fiction
    Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Gif not mine Word Count : Originally posted by bnbrns Keep reading.

    I never would have let that happen. Being sat down behind cover he watched as you crouched in front of him with your assault rifle in hand. He continued on before I could add anymore of my commentary, "But there is something wrong with your theory. His cheeks were still slightly pink. I turned my head to see him still sleeping.

    Tittle: I Just Called to Say I Love You Author: siriuslybarnes.

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    Rating: PG Dislaimer: I do not own Ben Barnes or anything familiar. Summary: A phone call​.

    images ben barnes fan fiction

    Being in a long term relationship with Ben (fluff) Ben admitting he loves you for the first time Cuddling with Logan (PG SMUT, fluff). My eyes fluttered open to reveal a red and gold Victorian bedroom, I still was not used to.

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    I had moved in with Ben 3 months ago, we had been.
    Billy was not the most pleasant person at first. Sorry, babe. Going a few more feet gunshots rang out again and he stopped. The house stood with its rear facing the sea, on the edge of a small cliff. But we should probably head home.

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    The chalkboard was by it again with the exact same text as last time.

    images ben barnes fan fiction
    Ben barnes fan fiction
    I stared at him, as I tilted my head to the side like a dog.

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    There the two of you were making fun of the other families viewing the homes. I hope you all like this and want to stay on board till the end! I was getting impatient. He just stared at your distressed and decided you were right.