Article 1401 code judiciaire congolais

VIII and final provisions s. Consolidated text containing seven chapters respecting, i. Act No. Entry into force date to be determined by the King. IIIgeneral tasks of child care authority etc. Various entry into force dates. Contains sections respecting, i. Amends annexes 3 countries whose citizens are exempt from visa when arriving to Norway and 11 list of countries whose citizens with diplomatic or special passport are exempt from visa. Working Environment Act. Contains 19 sections respecting, i.

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  • Article 1er. Le personnel judiciaire comprend les magistrats, les agents de la. de la République Démocratique du Congo et de remplir loyalement et fidèlement​, Sans préjudice des dispositions des articles et du Code judiciaire.

    Ancien doyen de la Faculté de droit de l'Université Lovanium, doyen de la Faculté de droit des «Universitaire Faculteiten Sint Alosius», à Bruxelles.

    Responsibility: Katuala Kaba Kashala ; préface de Clément Nsampolu Iyela. Uniform Title: Code judiciaire; Imprint: Kinshasa: Ed. Asyst, Physical.
    IIprogramming of funds s. Amends numerous sections covering, inter alia, calculation and conditions for a variety of benefits such as old age benefit, survivors' benefit and sickness benefit, as well as calculation modalities in case of overlapping of benefits as well as payment rules of the National Insurance Act.

    Adds new s. Amends sections 11 4 - 7 application for work permit by employer for workers and visa for foreigners entering the country. Iparticipation of children and parents ch. Contains 12 sections respecting, i. Icontribution s.

    Article 1401 code judiciaire congolais
    Amendment enters into force with immediate effect.

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    Adds an annex on the different elements to be covered by medical examination, such as sight, hearing, list of diseases, and ongoing medical treatment. IIIworking methods ch.

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    Contains nine sections covering, inter alia, objectives protection of rights of workers and self-employed moving within Europescope of application list of related legislationoverlapping of benefits, information to supply to members of supplementary pension schemes, and miscellaneous provisions.

    Registration of political parties Chapter 3.

    Under Article IV of the IMF's Articles of Agreement, the IMF holds . tax revenues from the mining sector and advice on new mining code.

    . 1, 1, 1, Domestic financing. (DGI) with the Direction générale des recettes administratives, judiciaires, domaniales et des. BELARUS: Articles 33 and of the Penal Code of the Republic of Belarus No. . DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO: Articles 88, 93 and 94 of the Law No. acte analogue, supportera les frais judiciaires et les dépens qu'entraînera le for by the special provisions of Articles of the present Code and.

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    1 Decision pursuant to article (1) of the Rome Statute, ICC//. Germain Katanga by the Democratic Republic of Congo'". . 40 ICC/​/, TCI Decision on the consequences of (Code Judiciaire Militaire), and articles bis of the DRC code of criminal procedure.
    Amendments enter into force with immediate effect.

    Contains various amendments to ss.

    images article 1401 code judiciaire congolais

    Contains nine sections respecting objectives and definitions s. Enters into force with immediate effect; applicable as from financial year Penal Code No.

    Amends ten separate acts, including Act No. Amendments of rules for benefits in connection with pregnancy, childbirth and adoption.

    Article 1401 code judiciaire congolais
    Amendments respecting extension of right to daily cash benefits in connection with child birth are made in the following acts: Act No.

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    Contains 26 sections covering, inter alia, objectives cover child care feesconditions of child care insurance persons entitled to, residence in the country, membership in National Insurance for persons outside the country, etcinsurance for extended child care insurance, amount and payment of child care insurance, handling of child care cases, obligations for beneficiaries of child care insurance, administrative rules and miscellaneous provisions.

    IX of the Act respecting workers' protection and the working environment, and the Ordinance respecting work of children and of youthemployers' and workers' respective duties, hours of work and of rest, wages, advance notice and dismissal, and guidance services.

    The Act shall also facilitate the re-use of public information. Lov