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Campher, that if he would let the prisoner and the other man have the horse, and call upon me, I would pay him the 10 s. And you don't know whether the justice sent Mr. See original Why do you recollect the month of February in preference to the month of April? I have been at more expence than that; I have been three guineas out of pocket; I don't know whether my life may not be at stake; I will not take it; I want to have Hatfield prosecuted: Hudson said, call upon me at my house to-morrow, or this afternoon, and he said he had an action against Hatfield for a note of 20 l. A boy came into my shop in Leicester-fields, and brought a hoop-ring, I believe Ditcher is that person, on Wednesday the first of October, some time in the afternoon, I suppose about three or four o'clock; I find since he had defaced it before he brought it, it is a ring set with pearls; several of the stones are out; my man wiped it, and gave it into my hand; I asked him how he came by it; he said he had found it; I said, Are you sure you have not taken it out of any house where you have been to sweep chimnies? If you speak truth, would that be bearing false witness against your neighbour? How came you to let him do so? Did she say how long a distance of time it was between the first and second time? The witness looks at the girl I cannot speak with certainty. Do you remember when this girl was brought to you to be examined?

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  • Property data for 8 Nugent Court, Kirwan, Qld Get sold price history for this house & median property prices for Kirwan, Qld see Fenwick & King King Osmer, surgeon, 37 Bernard st. tobacconist, 8 Worship street, Finsbury sq King Thomas, watchmaker, Minories King Thomas Henry engraver & printer, 2 West Smithfield King Thomas Kirwan, surgeon, 1 Brett's bløgs.

    3 Nugent Court Kirwan QLD

    Necks lane Kingston Peter Nugent, physician, 7 Charles st. M. R. Edw. Hoope Morrison, M.D. A.B. C. S. E. 14, S.

    Frederick-street. T.C.D. 3, Eustace-street. College of Surgeons London, 2,f.J. Murphy, M.D.

    London Street Directory in K4

    (Edinburgh) Mountjoy-street. Nugent, M.D. 29, Arran-gu. Col. of fPhilip Mac, Dermott, M.D. (Edinburgh) 8, Chatham-street. M. Kirwan, M.D. (Edinburgh) 25, Marlborough-​st.
    I am a butcher in Fleet-market; I bought two little black heifers on the 26th of September of the prisoner, at about seven in the morning in Smithfield; I asked him whose they were, he said his own; I asked the price, he said 10 guineas; I told him that was too much, he said I should have them for 10 pounds: some others coming up I said, I believe I must have them, and immediately put a K and three clips on the rump, and another on the aitch-bone.

    Were the boys and girls all at home at that time? Pearce, and she told my mother. But do you say that there could be no penetration at all without the Hymen being broke? I keep a lodging-house at Saltpetre-Bank, opposite the sign of the King of Prussia: Loveridge, and the other man, Bobby, I don't know his other name, lodged at my house.

    The next day I heard he had received it of one of these boys. Did you observe much blood upon the shift when you washed it?

    images 8 nugent court kirwan surgical
    Do you say he was never out at all?

    Does that membrane cover the passage completely? Do you recollect who was in the kitchen at that time, or who was about the house? Tried by the First Middlesex Jury before Mr.

    London Street Directory in K4

    Jordan came into the house the prisoner asked how far it was to Highgate; I told him a mile; he asked how far it was to London; I said, about four miles and a half; I went for a bit of hay for the horse; when I returned it was gone; I got my horse out of the stable, and I pursued him over the common; I heard somebody striking a horse smartly; I came up to him, and stopped the prisoner on the horse; I brought him back; he attempted to get from me by pushing me into a ditch; but I held him fast; and brought him back; he said, four men put him on it; and then he said, the owner gave him leave to ride it.

    79 24 Kirkland, John, Boot & shoe maker 8 Kirkland, Nugent, Army agent.

    36 3 Kirkland & Co. Surgeon & accoucherr 32 Kisling, Chris. Upholder. 4U/.

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    eorge Faulkner, grocer ife spirit merchant, and 26 North Earl street, 35/. 60​/.

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    amea VVhyte, cutler and surgical instrument maker,'illiam James Ward, surgeon dentist (Moore street) id 32 Patrick Power, Gilbert M'llveen, barrister 14 Captain Henry Kirwan, 65/.

    1 8 George Bruce, barrister, 60/.

    Property Report for 5 Nugent Court, Kirwan QLD

    Vesey Nugent, bar. William Henry Holbrooke, engraver, lithographer, and merchant tailor., William Joseph Kelly, heraldic engraver and printer 8 John Watters, grocer 10 Dispensary for Diseases of the Eye—attending surgeon, Richard Morrison saddler, harness maker, & seedsman 21 Christopher Kirwan, dairy 22 Peter.
    What else did you perceive, did you feel any thing? Lovibond came after him with two men, and desired he should be secured, which he was; he said he would go quietly; he was taken by a constable before the justice.

    Tried by the First Middlesex Jury before Mr. The inflammation was merely external? Suppose you go up stairs and go through the boys school, do you pass thro' the school to go into that entry?

    images 8 nugent court kirwan surgical

    Harris in bed, and told her the condition I was in. Could you learn any reason of his doing it?

    images 8 nugent court kirwan surgical
    93 greenway road glen rock nj
    Theft : housebreaking.

    Do you recollect who was in the kitchen at that time, or who was about the house? For colouring a round blank of base metal, of a fit size and figure to be coined and counterfeited to the milled money of this realm called a shilling, August 13th. Did you mention this circumstance to the person that drew the indictment?

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    I can swear to the horns; it is a burnt mark. I am innocent of it; the handkerchief was given me by a man that came up into my room, and an acquaintance of the man that gave the handkerchief, sent Crook with the watch to pawn it.

    3 Nugent Court Kirwan QLD View property data & sold price history for 3 Nugent Court Kirwan & other properties in Kirwan. 13 Christopher Halford, soda water manufacturer, 8/.

    14 Wm. Nolan, stone cutter, 15 John Dawson, tailor, Marlborough street. From Eden quay to Gt. View property information for 5 Nugent Court, Kirwan QLD which contains sold & rental history, nearby schools and 8 Avalon Avenue, Kirwan QLD
    John Scott.

    One Wade, and another man, came to my house, went into the room where Loveridge and Bobby was, with the evidence, and they asked if she knew any of them; she said, she knew none of them, shaking her head; about two hours after they came and took them out of my house. Lovibond was at home; she said, no; he said he would wait for his coming in: I was sent to look for my master; I did not like to go, as I suspected the prisoner; I soon returned; then I saw the prisoner making an attempt to put the parcel into his pocket; he saw me, and then he put them on the counter again; then he began fingering some hats, and then I saw him put that parcel into his pocket: as soon as he was gone out of the shop I told Mrs.

    What was done upon that complaint. How old are you? How came you not to cry out; did he or did he not hurt you much the second time? I was informed she had been seen with a man at Knightsbridge, walking as fast as she could; she was afterwards taken at the George in Church-street, Kensington.

    images 8 nugent court kirwan surgical
    8 nugent court kirwan surgical
    William Rogers.

    She lived servant with me nine weeks. Not Guilty ; Not Guilty.

    images 8 nugent court kirwan surgical

    Do you know that when you take an oath you call God to witness that you will speak the truth? Anthony came and offered a guinea to the first man that should take him; upon which I went up stairs in search of him, and took him; he produced the cloth, and said he was sorry for his crime; I am positive the prisoner is the man; I sealed the cloth, and delivered it to Mr.

    Wilmot bid me be peaceable about the matter, and go home; this was fairly proved; Justice Durden told the prosecutors that if they ever troubled me any more, that he would imprison them for life. Did he consult the attorney?